Registered Investment Advisor


Cauble & Harre Wealth Management is a fee-only wealth management firm providing financial planning, investment management, and investment oversight and consulting services. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the quality of our clients’ lives by making their financial position as secure as possible, thereby increasing their peace of mind.

financial planning

Cauble & Harre Wealth Management can help clients with a wide range of financial planning needs, including:

Retirement planning:
Developing a plan to help clients achieve their retirement goals, such as saving enough money and choosing the right investment mix.

Education planning:
Helping clients save for their children’s education, including exploring different options such as 529 plans and prepaid tuition plans.

Estate planning:
Working with clients to develop an estate plan that ensures their assets are distributed according to their wishes and that their loved ones are taken care of after they are gone.

Risk management:
Helping clients identify and manage financial risks, such as disability, long-term care, and market volatility.

investment management

Cauble & Harre Wealth Management offers discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services. With discretionary investment management, clients give the firm the authority to make investment decisions on their behalf. With non-discretionary investment oversight and consulting services, clients maintain control over their investment decisions, but the firm provides insights and recommendations.

The firm’s investment philosophy is focused on long-term growth and capital preservation. We believe in investing in a diversified portfolio of assets, including stocks, bonds, and cash. We also use a variety of investment strategies, such as active management and passive investing.

other services

Cauble & Harre Wealth Management also offers a variety of other services, such as:

Tax planning:
Helping clients reduce their tax liability and maximize their after-tax wealth.

College planning:
Helping families navigate the college admissions process and finance their children’s education.

Business succession planning:
Helping business owners develop a plan to transition their business to the next generation.

Cauble & Harre Wealth Management is a fiduciary, which means that we are legally obligated to put the interests of our clients first. We are committed to providing our clients with personalized and effective wealth management services.