Registered Investment Advisor

wealth management option

We offer a Wealth Management option which is an ongoing and structured process of identifying and managing your resources to better allow you to reach your particular financial objectives.
The Wealth Management option is in addition to Discretionary Investment Management Services and Non-Discretionary Investment Oversight and Consulting Services under the respective Fee schedules.
The fee for this service is:

  • 1st Year:
    $2,500 – billed $1,375 1st Quarter, $375 subsequent quarters
  • Following Years:
    $1,500 per year, billed $375 per quarter

This process is driven by your unique circumstances and by your timeline. The main parts of this process may include:

  • Creation of a Customized Financial Plan
    This capital needs analysis is an analytical process that evaluates the likelihood of meeting your stated goals based on your assets, liabilities, and other relevant economic assumptions. This also may address cash flow needs and retirement planning issues.
  • Asset Protection Review
    Review and recommendations regarding asset protection coverage including property, casualty and liability insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and coverage for business interests.
  • Income Protection Review
    Review and recommendations regarding disability insurance coverage, cash flow planning and a review of your tax situation.
  • Debt Management Review
    Review and recommendations of your current mortgages and other loans, debt refinancing and loan alternatives.
  • Investment Management Review
    Review or development of a customized Investment Policy Statement from which will flow your asset allocation decision. Periodically, we will compare your actual allocation with your plan and make adjustments as necessary. We also compare your actual contributions and withdrawals with your targets to make sure you are on course. We will also monitor your portfolio for tax efficiency.
  • Estate Planning Review
    Review of the estate plan to ensure that it is current, reflects your wishes and that all of the proper documents are in place. We will review gifting strategies, beneficiary designations, asset titling, philanthropic and multi-generational planning as necessary.

We are not insurance agents, brokers, accountants or estate planning attorneys. We are dedicated to working with your current team of professionals. At client’s request we may provide recommendations to client as to other sources of professional advice to address such matters.

minimum fee requirements

Clients engaging Cauble & Harre Wealth Management, Inc. will be subject to a minimum fee of $6,000.00 annually. This fee can be comprised of any combination of Wealth Management, Investment Management or Investment Oversight and Consulting Services.